Consulting / Training / Conventions

Whether for convention seminars and workshops in Germany or abroad in countries as varied as Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Turkey and even China, or strategic consulting for a high-quality European corporate chain's group training, or designing courses and concepts for renowned educational institutions - quality and motivational effectiveness ist guaranteed.

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Activities in the fitness domain:
  • Since 1995, grouptraining instructor in various areas of fitness, aerobics and dance, fitness-instructor, personaltrainer
  • Since 1998, fitness presenter and speaker at international conventions, events and congresses (e.g. Germany, Poland, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Norway, France, Austria and Russia)
  • Since 2003, WellFit® expert for ROBINSON Clubs
  • Since 2007, trainer instructor and master trainer in the area of scientifically based strength training for IRON SYSTEM™
  • Since 2008, International Development Coordinator for IRON SYSTEM™ and Elbesport International GmbH
  • Since 2010, director IFHIAS-Institute (International Fitness & Health Institute of Applied Sciences)
  • Since 2011: Coordinator ROBINSON Club WellFit® TOP Events
Professional experience in the fitness domain:
  • Performer in various DVD fitness productions, including Flexi® Yoga and Pilates
  • Media performer for various clients, including MDR, PRO 7, Shape, Trainer and radio broadcasters
  • Creator and Developer for several fitness and group exercise concepts
  • Organization, implementation and management of fitness events
  • From 2002 to 2013, certified trainer instructor, International Fitness and Aerobics Academy (IFAA)
  • From 2003 to 2012, trainer instructor for Flexi Sports GmbH (Flexi-Bar® and XCO® physio-devices)
  • From 2005 to 2008, Strategic consultant for group courses at ELIXIA Health & Wellness Group in Germany, Austria and France
  • From 2009 to 2011, creator and trainer instructor for "Music Moves" in cooperation with Meridian Academy
Choreography / Dance

"Dance is the poetry of the feet" - Danny Arnold's wide-ranging dance experience includes being the choreographer for a highly elaborate marriage proposal in Moscow that included rock band Linkin Park, dancing on a Michelle Hunziker TV show, and being a trainer for event days at the Stage School in Hamburg

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  • The Madonna project for New Yorker; Paris
  • Marriage proposal project with Linkin Park; Moscow
  • Collaboration with the To live dance company; London
  • Dance workshop at the Stage School, Hamburg
  • Nike Town Berlin
  • Robinson Club GmbH (Human Being, Saturday Night Fever, Dance of the Vampire, Falco meets Amadeus, African Footprints)
  • Various fashion shows (Hu'perts, Dan Found, Woehrl, ELIXIA i.p.; Bread and Butter Berlin - Talents)
  • Elan Dance Company
  • Special coach for D!s Dance Club and D!s Kids Club
  • Jazz and modern dance Workshop for the Berlin state dance sport association (Landestanzsportverband Berlin e.V.)
  • Twinsday for Ratiopharm
  • Gross in Fahrt, O-Ton-Piraten theatre company, Berlin
  • Pajung Events/Start 2: HomeTech, Gruene Woche, D!s Dance Club
  • Background dancer: Kylie Minogue, Natascha Thomas, D!Nation, Felix v. Jascheroff, Alexander, Barbara Schöneberger, Dirk Bach, Katy Karrenbauer, Before Four, Gracia, Enie van de Meiklokjes, Michelle Hunziker
  • ADAC gala show
  • RTL Mania TV shows "Elvis", "Grease", "Dirty Dancing"
  • Presentation show for Flexi Sports GmbH
  • Adagio Nightlife Club; Bloody Mary’s Horror night, Players Delight, Adagio Nightlife GmbH