Convention, Training and Coaching/Consulting

Quality brings confidence…

In order to keep life from becoming stagnant, every human being needs further development and innovative concepts. Whether for the end user or the expert provider – the “field of movement” never stops innovating. This means that exciting, motivating, high-value ideas are always the name of the game. And new concepts need to be adapted to the marketplace of providers, companies and associations before they are put into practice.

mo concept - competence in motion


Real results through focused application…

In order to be effective, a fitness programme must be focused on and customized to the needs and wishes of the individual. Whether it's about endurance, rehab, strength, dance or relaxation training, the individual's possible objectives, training methods, as well as alternative methods, need to be set according to these needs and wishes during the consultation process.

Choreography and Dance

Exacting diligence is the key…

The challenge is to form a dynamic composition of music, moods and feelings - rather than simply stringing together a series of contemporary moves. Danny Arnold carefully arranges concepts and choreographies for classic fashion shows, events, music videos and even presentations and theatrical plays that incorporate dance - while always meeting the client's particular needs.